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Sheet music and recordings that are available here provide insight in the Livonian choral music. Hopefully this information will be useful for all those who might have wanted to perform a song in the Livonian language at some point, but who were not able to find sheet music and more information about choral music in the Livonian language. Everybody, including the creators of www.livodkuor.lv, has faced the problems caused by the non-existence of such corpus.

The work on the development of this website will continue, the information will be improved and updated with new sheet music and recordings.

Thanks to linguist Zoja Sīle for the audio files of the pronunciation of song lyrics!



Songs of the Livonian Singing Festival

Here you can find the songs that will be performed during the Livonian Singing Festival “Uŗū uŗū 2012” in Tīnūži on 21 July 2012. Other samples of the Livonian choral music can be found in the section “Sound and sheet music”. Perhaps you might include some of those in the repertoire of your choir.

The selected repertoire was made as simple as possible in order to make it easier to learn it, nevertheless, we have included the most characteristic examples of the Livonian choral music and folklore. “Non-arranged” folk songs will be included in the folklore part of the concert.

To make song learning easier, see the pronunciation audio file. A special TIENŪ (Livonian: “thank you”) to teacher and linguist Zoja Sīle for the preparation of the file.


Songs Performed by choir Pronunciation
1) Pūgõ, tūļ    pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
2) Mis minnõn mīeldõb  pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
3) Min izāmō    pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
4) Vastālovā    pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
5) Lōlõd, algid kistõgid! pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
6) Īdõnõ izānõ pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
Staltu ģimenes izpildījumā
7) Lōla izā, lōla pūoga pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
Staltu ģimenes izpildījumā
8) Plagā loul pdf button
Sibelius Scorch 
9) Jemāpdf button
Sibelius Scorch 


Tšītšōr Sibelius Scorch pdf button
Kīelad Sibelius Scorch  pdf button
Sūr ouvstõb Izānd Sibelius Scorch  pdf button
Ak käddõ Jumāl minnõn Sibelius Scorch  pdf button
Anni istīz läb allõ Sibelius Scorch pdf button
Vȯlgõd tēriņtõd Sibelius Scorch pdf button


Choir “Lōja” during a recording session, Anno 2012.LV
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